Great impressions and bull riding…?

Riding a bull just might be easier than making a good impression. Eight seconds are about all you have to make a great impression on the people you meet. For the bull rider, that eight seconds must feel like waiting … Continue reading

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Hey, Office Slobs, Try Harder…Please?

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Some days, you just know you’ll be teaching etiquette to a TOUGH crowd!  Here’s what I saw as I passed by a desk on my way to give a class on “How to Behave at Work.”  When you work in … Continue reading

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Boogers, Bad Breath & Body Odor

The person sitting across from you at lunch has broccoli stuck in their teeth.  Do you tell them? Unzipped zipper? Noticeable salsa spill on their shirt? Each of these situations could potentially be embarrassing–for both you and the person with … Continue reading

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Correcting others…do we or don’t we?

If we do correct someone, whom do we correct? Whose infractions do we ignore?  If you do need to correct someone, how do you do it in a way that the person wants to thank you instead of resent you? Whether … Continue reading

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Time for a refresher course…

The holiday party season is almost here so it’s the perfect time for a refresher course on how to behave at social gatherings.  When invited to gathering, the first thing you must do is respond to the invitation.  If you … Continue reading

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