We’ve Launched a Podcast!

jerk 2

Jaime and Lynley met on the set of the KADN Fox 15 morning news show in November of 2017. Lynley, an etiquette specialist, was scheduled to give tips on how to make a good first impression. It didn’t take long for the discussion to get boisterous, the arguments to begin, and the theme to become: Etiquette rules = don’t be a jerk! The segment was a hit! Fans began to ask if Jaime and Lynley had their own “show.” The Don’t Be A Jerk podcast was launched; each week, the podcast seeks to help you behave well and act right in public–or so we hope!

Jaime is a Cajun from Cecilia, Louisiana and Lynley is a charm-school graduate from Southern Mississippi. One is well-behaved, one isn’t…we’ll let you guess which is which!

*Pictured left to right: Jaime Angelle, KADN Morning News Anchor, Jasmine Thibodeaux, KADN Morning ANchor, and Lynley Jones, Etiquette Specialist.

About allthingsetiquette

Lynley Jones presents Behave! All things Etiquette, an interactive and hilarious undertaking that will help you how to navigate your world with style and confidence. All Things Etiquette is an endeavor to further society's niceties, build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others.
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