Tips for Giving a Group Gifts

OFFICE ETIQUETTE RULES FOR THEWhether you are organizing a group gift (a group of people go in together and give money to purchase a gift for a one person) or participating in a group gift, things can get awkward.

If you are in charge of the group gift get organized!  Don’t assume people know to participate.

Invite and give everyone in the group the option of participating in the giving of the group gift.  Make sure to let everyone know that joining the group is optional.  You can’t force people to give…nor should you!

Pick the gift ahead of time so that people will know what they are contributing to and the cost of the gift (This also helps with allegations of misappropriation of funds, just sayin!). Know the total cost with taxes, wrapping, etc.  Diving that total by the number participating.

Include a “respond by” date so there’s time to purchase the gift.  “If you are interested in participating in the group gift, please contribute $10 by December 5th.”   Putting an amount will help people know what is expected of them.  You don’t want to be the cheapest giver–or have your donation seem like you are showing off.

Let everyone who participated know, in advance, how the gift will be presented.  Group gifts work best when everyone can be present when the gift is given.

Make sure you list each and every giver on the gift card.  That way, the recipient will know whom to thank.

NOTE:  Yes, you can opt out of the group gift.  If you have already planned or purchased a gift for the “group giftee,” then you are certainly allowed to proceed as planned.  “I would have loved to have joined in, unfortunately I have already purchased a gift for Brad.”

Next week….the rules for RE-GIFTING.


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