Hey, Office Slobs, Try Harder…Please?

Some days, you just know you’ll be teaching etiquette to a TOUGH crowd!  Here’s what I saw as I passed by a desk on my way to give a class on “How to Behave at Work.” office desk

When you work in an office–with other people–remember that you are sharing space.  “Sharing” as communal; the opposite of private.  Obviously, the office manager was trying to convey the “shared space” rule with her sign (above).  Here’s what I see as problematic with this situation:

  1. A sign written in ALL CAPS is not easy to read.
  2. All caps is as if the person is yelling instead of writing.
  3. People who work in this office seem not to care about their working environment (Slobs. Yes, I called them slobs.)  slob
  4. Being a good employee means following the rules–even if you don’t agree with them.

    If picking up your food wrappers and throwing away trash is a big deal for you, work somewhere else that allows slovenly behavior.

No matter what type of office you work in–it’s NOT your home*.   Casual might be the dress code, but the condition of your work space tells the passer-by EVERYTHING they need to know about your attitude at work. An open bag of Doritos and a coke on your desk and the makings of a Disney movie spread all over does not equate to professional or hard-working professional.  Yes, be comfortable but don’t be a slob.

One last thought: take pride in your work space and in your work.

Clean up the messes you make.  Clean the microwave after use.  Remove your old food from the office fridge.  Be a leader and help set the tone for the rest of the office.

*unless you work from home.  Then, slob out.  As long as no one ever comes to your home to do business, that is!


About allthingsetiquette

Lynley Jones presents Behave! All things Etiquette, an interactive and hilarious undertaking that will help you how to navigate your world with style and confidence. All Things Etiquette is an endeavor to further society's niceties, build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others.
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1 Response to Hey, Office Slobs, Try Harder…Please?

  1. Marilyn Avet says:

    You go girl! Etiquette with a laugh.


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