Etiquette is…

Etiquette is a strange word.  Most of us prepare to use manners.  What is etiquette and rain dropwhere did it come from?   The word “etiquette” actually means “little signs” and came from Louis IVX’s trouble with the masses walking all over his famous gardens in Versailles.   Louis had his gardeners put up little signs, called etiquettes, that said “keep off the grass and out of my gardens!”   From there, behavior came to be governed more and more until a formal code of behavior was adopted by civilized society.

In the next few posts, I’ll talk about what etiquette is.  Etiquette is fluid.  Manners change over time and reflect the best practices of civilization.  Etiquette isn’t a set of “prescriptions for properness” but rather serves as guidelines for doing things in a way that makes people feel comfortable and welcomed.

Now that you know where “etiquette” came from and that the rules of behavior are fluid, how comfortable and welcome do you make those around you?

About allthingsetiquette

Lynley Jones presents Behave! All things Etiquette, an interactive and hilarious undertaking that will help you how to navigate your world with style and confidence. All Things Etiquette is an endeavor to further society's niceties, build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others.
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