Being a Good Sport

Knowing how to react to bad sportsmanship came in handy several times during a recent Cowboys/Colts game.  Surrounded by over 60,000 fellow Dallas Cowboys fans–I was in heaven!  Shortly after the kick-off, two very vocal Colts fans sat directly in front of us.  Could I make it four quarters under these circumstances?  When faced with loud, foul word spewing fans from the opposing team, remember one rule:  smile.  Never let them see that their behavior is affecting you.  Never show your temper or respond when your team’s being heckled.  Part of being well-behaved is being able to control your behavior, not matter what’s going on around you or how others are acting.  Being a good sport includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Always give your opponent the benefit of a doubt
  • Never underestimate your ability before playing (tell a fib about how good you are)
  • Complain after losing (be a cheerful loser and a quiet winner)
  • Make up excuses for playing poorly or losing
  • Never gloat (brag) after winning
  • Thank the team/player for playing
  • Compliment the “team/player
  • Never top the other person’s sports success story
  • Remove your hat during the national anthem and prayer–be silent

About allthingsetiquette

Lynley Jones presents Behave! All things Etiquette, an interactive and hilarious undertaking that will help you how to navigate your world with style and confidence. All Things Etiquette is an endeavor to further society's niceties, build self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others.
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1 Response to Being a Good Sport

  1. Holly H says:

    This is good advice for the upcoming football season. Something similar happened to me at a ULL baseball game. A ULL fan was incessantly heckling the first base coach of the opposing team. I couldn’t concentrate on the game. So frustrating, but I kept my cool.


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